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   Distant earthquakes can cause underwater landslides
  NGDIR News Section-- New research finds large earthquakes can trigger underwater landslides thousands of miles away, weeks or months after the quake occurs. Researchers analyzing data from ocean bottom seismometers off the Washington-Oregon coast tied a series of underwater landslides on the Cascadia Subduction Zone, 80 to 161 kilometers (50 to 100 miles) off the Pacific Northwest coast, to a 2012 magnitude-8.6 earthquake in the Indian Ocean- more than 13,500 kilometers (8,390 miles) away. Th.....[More]
   The Earth's Elastic Crust
  NGDIR News Section-- A recent paper in Reviews of Geophysics discussed how the mineral composition and microfabric of the continental crust influences its seismic properties. The structural properties of rock on a micro scale, such as crystallographic orientation, grain shape and mineral composition, can have an impact on the macro scale, for example, the ways in which rock deforms under stress, at elevated pressure and temperature. A review article recently published in Reviews of Geophysics.....[More]
   Climate Change Pushing Tropical Diseases Toward Arctic
  NGDIR News Section-- Temperature changes around the globe are pushing human pathogens of all kinds into unexpected new areas, raising many new risks for people. He'd gone for a swim in the Gulf of Mexico, whose warm waters, it turned out, would soon kill him. The 31-year-old man arrived at Parkland Memorial Hospital in Dallas three days after his dip in the Atlantic. Crushing pain was radiating from his new calf tattoo-an image of hands clasping a cross along with the phrase "Jesus is my lif.....[More]
   Taal Volcano in the Philippines has danger, beauty -- and golf
  NGDIR News Section-- It's considered one of the world's most dangerous active volcanoes. Just 55 kilometers south of Manila, Taal Volcano has erupted 30 times since the 16th century, accounting for the deaths of more than 5,000 people. Yet it's scaled daily by dozens of groups of laid-back tourists. Perhaps they're calmed by Taal's reputation as the smallest active volcano in the world -- it's just 311 meters tall -- a title that hints at peril yet makes Taal sound relatively unintimidatin.....[More]
   Seismic CT scan points to rapid uplift of Southern Tibet
  NGDIR News Section-- Tomographic model indicates Southern Tibet formed within 10 million year. Geophysicists have conducted a three-year seismic CT scan of the upper mantle beneath the Tibetan Plateau and concluded that the southern half of the 'Roof of the World' formed within 10 million years, or less than one-quarter of the time since the beginning of the India-Eurasia continental collision. Using seismic data and supercomputers, Rice University geophysicists have conducted a massive se.....[More]
   Death by volcano?
  NGDIR News Section-- The discovery of anomalously high levels of mercury in rocks from the Ordivician geological period has led to a new interpretation of the ensuing mass extinction. A sequence of disturbances may have led to catastrophic cooling by reflective sulfate aerosols injected into the atmosphere by massive volcanism. The finding is important since aerosol cooling is under consideration as a way to temper global warming. Anyone concerned by the idea that people might try to combat g.....[More]
   An Autonomous Boat to Investigate Acidic Crater Lakes
  NGDIR News Section-- A novel aquatic drone ventured into highly acidic waters to test the feasibility of remotely exploring and surveying hazardous volcanic lakes. In 1986, Lake Nyos in Cameroon exploded, jetting water more than 100 meters into the air as roughly 1.2 cubic kilometers of carbon dioxide suddenly belched from the waters. This enormous wave of gas smothered the surrounding countryside, killing more than 1700 people. The deadly eruption focused attention on the dangers posed by.....[More]
   Dominion Diamond provides exploration update and announces maiden resource at Leslie Pipe at Ekati
  NGDIR News Section-- Dominion Diamond Corporation (TSX: DDC, NYSE: DDC) (the "Company" or "Dominion") today provided an update on its renewed strategic focus on greenfield exploration activities at the Ekati Diamond Mine ("Ekati mine"), Diavik Diamond Mine ("Diavik mine") and other properties in the Lac de Gras region in the Northwest Territories in Canada. The Company also announced a maiden resource at the Leslie kimberlite pipe at the Ekati mine. Unless otherwise indicated, all financial info.....[More]
   Burying the sky: Turning carbon dioxide into rock
  NGDIR News Section--Blocky, moss-covered basalt covers the ground surrounding Iceland's Hellisheidi Geothermal Power Plant. As acidic rainwater percolates through the landscape, the volcanic rocks slowly dissolve. Some of what dissolves from the rocks- ions of calcium, iron and magnesium- reacts with carbon dioxide in the air to form carbonate minerals. Over thousands of years, these minerals are buried, locking the greenhouse gas underground- and out of the atmosphere- in a persistent, but slow.....[More]
   Comment: Kitchen counter geology: Bringing rock identification to a new audience
  NGDIR News Section-- As I hoisted my 22-kilogram suitcase onto the scale at the airline check-in counter, the agent joked, "Whatchya got in there, rocks?" We both got a good laugh when I explained that, yes, indeed, the suitcase was completely full of rock samples. I was on my way to Las Vegas, with an entire geology lab in my luggage. Sharing geology with students is always fun, but I was hitting the road to bring rock identification to an entirely new audience: countertop fabricators, kitch.....[More]
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