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Systematic Geochemical Exploration Database


Size Fraction in Stream Sediment Geochemistry:
The size fraction of stream sediment samples in geochemical exploration in Iran is generally -80 mesh and in some cases is -40 mesh.
Geochemical Signatures of Ore Deposits:
Elements have different paragenesis in different deposits, so geochemical signatures
of every deposit are different from other deposits. For example, Pb-Zn skarn deposits show Pb, Zn, Ag, Cu, Mn, As, Bi, W, Sn, F, Mo, Co, Sb, Cd, Au geochemical anomalies but Irish type Pb-Zn deposits show Pb, Zn, Cu, Ag, Mn geochemical anomalies. In this regard, two deposits with same mineralization but different deposit models have different elemental paragenesis. Elemental paragenesis in some deposits is totally different and in some cases is similar. Arsenic accompanies many elements in their deposits including Cu, Ag, Au, Zn,Cd,Hg, U, Sn, Pb, P, Sb, Bi, S, Se, Te, Mo, W, Fe, Ni, Co, and PGE. Gold, same as arsenic,accompanies many elements in their deposits. In summery, paragenesis relationships between elements are affected by geologic characteristics of a region, deposit type, and the mechanism of ore forming, so these relationships must be interpreted in regards of these parameters.
Heavy Minerals:
Heavy minerals are indicator of special elements, for example scheelite and rutile are indicator of W and Ti respectively, so that heavy minerals show paragenesis relationships same as elements. Some minerals such as ilmenite, sphene, leucoxene, anatase, rutile, and brokite represent Ti mineralization. Pyrite, pyrite oxide, chalcopyrite, cinnabar, orpiment, sphalerite, galena, native copper, and native lead are the paragenesis of gold. Sphalerite, galena, mimetite, native lead, cerrusite, barite, and fluorite show the Pb-Zn ineralization.Some mineralization such as hematite, limonite, jarosite, chlorite, epidote, biotite, and other altered minerals represent the existence of altered area in the upstream of heavy mineral sample. The existence of jarosite shows the existence of alunite, so that the probability of epithermal mineralization will be increased. Tourmaline shows the mineralization of Sn-W skarn types, shear zone-hosted gold, and etc. It is important to keep in mind the presence of one particle of some ore minerals such as gold, cinnabar, scheelite, cassiterite, sphalerite, and etc in heavy mineral samples are valuable.




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